26 days…

26 daysToday, Tuesday,  is 26 days until my 26.2. And I’m… excited. Not too nervous yet. I know I’ll finish. It might not be in the time I want, but hell, I’ve been THERE before. Mostly I think I’m too crazy busy work wise to focus much on it.

I had ZERO pain the day after my 23 mile run. Weird. And then I tripped and skinned the fuck out of the top and bottom pad of the big toe on my right foot. Lovely. It was actually spurting blood as a neighbor was talking to me. Lovely. It hurt like hell yesterday. Today it isn’t as bad. It should be better by Thursday.

Which is good as I am doing hill repeats on Thursday.



  • Welp. I did my damn hill repeats TODAY. On the surface of the sun. I’m on my 2nd 32oz bottle of water. Good Luck tomorrow especially with that bum toe. Ouch. In other news, I’ve nominated you for the Inspiring Blogger Award!!! You rock!

  • I’m so proud of you!!! I have to tell ya, you are one tough cookie!! You’re amazing!! You’re running journey is so inspiring!! XOXO!!

  • Amy – It sounds weird, but when I am training for something important, I never NOT have shoes or slippers on around the house. Too easy to stub a toe and derail all that training. Read it once in a blog – never forgot it. It has saved me foot injuries a few times. Difficult to remember in the summer when the cool tile feels good against your plantar fascia – but it only takes one dumb move or a misplaced dog. Love your blog, Chris

    • That is a REALLY good idea, especially as I am prone towards bumping into things, tripping over my dog, stubbing and/or breaking toes quite often!