18!!!!!! Crushing Hills Like a Beast

1818 days until the San Francisco Marathon!

Oh man, first, can we discuss the ALARMING (and often pornographic or fetus) images that come up when you Google “18”? I could have lived without that.

Despite bad sleep last night (more on that later) I was up and at “our hill” by 545am to meet Audrey for a little hill work.

It was rough today. Lack of sleep, raging asthma issues… I just hope I am not like that on July 27.

So, I believe I’ve mentioned that I am a champion sleeper. Clear conscious. Wear myself out mentally and physically every day. Something like that.

Well last night, I went to bed at 10pm per usual and tossed and turned for more than an hour. Got up at 11, contemplated a benadryl but was afraid I would not wake up in time. So poured a 1/2 glass of wine to relax and called a good friend to mull over the things in my head. (Side note: trust your gut.)

I went back to bed around 1145p and still tossed and turned. Woke up at 2a. At 3:18a. Etc.

That is NOT like me.

Consequently when I woke up I was OUT OF IT and felt like I’d done something wrong! HA! Like I’d stayed out too late or drank too much or something. I’m so good about getting 7-9 hours of sleep EVERY SINGLE NIGHT that this vaguely out of sorts-not enough sleep feeling was foreign to me.

But I did it. I got up and met Audrey and we sweated our way up the hill– by the way– what is with the Florida-like humidity Los Angeles is having– and by the time we were on our way down, I felt better. Something about that last 1/2 glass of wine did me in, I think.

Hard runs are what they are but I also think we learn something about ourselves during them.

Tomorrow I will conquer the hill again while the awesome Audrey sleeps in. We are not fast, but we are mighty and strong and determined and WE KICK ASS! I worry. She does not.

Holy mother of Zeus I am exhausted.