12 days!!!

12Oh holy crap 12 days until the San Francisco Marathon!

I am not super sore, but significantly sore from my hilly Fueled by Fine Wine half marathon. I am more sore than after my 18, 20, and 23 mile runs and any other half since my first one. CRAZY Hills. Wine. Dehydration. I know why.

Still I’m not doing the marathon shuffle. I can walk easily. I just feel it, which is GOOD since I have been wondering what would make me sore when 23 miles did not.

And look at me, committing to another marathon before the first is run. Well, technically I diBigSurd already know I was going to run the 2015 LA Marathon.

And now I am also running the 2015 Big Sur International Marathon.

I pick my courses based on beauty and there are few, if any, more beautiful than Big Sur. So, on April 26, 2015, my newly 46-year old butt will be running across the scenic Bixby Bridge. And you know what? I can’t wait!!!

12 days until the San Francisco Marathon.




  • I’ve run San Francisco, LA and Big Sur. San Francisco was the most fun. There was always something awesome to run towards.


    • Thanks! Sf is my first full and I really can’t wait despite my nerves and fears.

      • SF was my first too. If you are interested, I posted the story at http://smplefy.wordpress.com/2012/08/03/race-review-the-san-francisco-marathon-aka-47-0-goes-26-2/

        Have a great race

        • Fantastic recap of the marathon. I am also worried about running up against that 6 hour time limit. I typically run a 2:30 half. My 23 miler was 5:30– and I know the energy and crowds and course should make for a faster run- I DO KNOW THAT (lol) — I still worry.

          • At this point, worrying is just like praying for what you don’t want to happen. Either you do it or you don’t. Just have fun and relax and enjoy the last week+.

            Visualize getting to the bridge and visualize enjoying the running the bridge. Then visualize getting to the park, then getting to the Haight, and then to AT&T park. You will rock it. When the big hills come, walk as powerfully as you can.

            Have fun.