11 days…balance, taper, hill nightmares

keep-calm-and-countdown-11-days-to-go11 days until the San Francisco Marathon.

I woke up today with legs that were finally recovered from the crazy hills of Dundee, Oregon. A total elevation gain of 1848 on that course over largely the first 6 miles did me in. I have a slightly pulled muscle at the very top of my inner thigh and I am EXHAUSTED. Like crazy out of my mind tired…

…or is that TAPER MADNESS? It could be! I’ve been trying to recover and rest and get caught up on work this week and have not even gotten a run in. OK so I’ve only been home for 2 days, but still!

I am significantly worried about that 6 hour time limit. I AM!

I’ve also examined the course map, elevation map, and read enough blogs about this race to know

1848 elevation gain, folks. In 13.1 miles.

1848 elevation gain, folks. In 13.1 miles.

what to expect and which hills I might struggle with. I’ve read this review of TSFM a number of times today and have a feeling I will come back to it again and again. As much as I despise intervals, I think that is going to have to be my plan to preserve energy and go out speedy enough to ease my mind about that time limit.

Post marathon I am hiring a private coach to work on speed and form and lose (what I consider for me) the bad habit of intervals. I’ve gotten slower in my current training and that is not OK with me. It may get me through the marathon, but afterwards I have to focus on speed. Improvement is essential to my psyche.

I think I’m going to take one more day of rest (and preserve my blow out! HA!) and then be back on the hills on Friday, Saturday, Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday and then call the San Francisco Marathon training done.

I know I’ve got the distance. My endurance is up and ready. And I know I’ve got the hills. I’m just wondering how STRONG I’ll be on those hills. SF is a beautiful city–one of my favorites and the course features so much to see and run towards. I’ll be taking tons of pictures, per usual, documenting my experience. And I’m aiming for a 5:30ish finish. That’s a 12:35 pace, more than 2 minutes slower than my typical half marathon pace.

Somewhere in the next 11 days I have to dig up a little extra helping of belief in myself, you know?

11 days until the San Fran-motherfucking-frisco Marathon.