6 days! And I didn’t understand!

keep-calm-only-6-days-to-go-56 days until the San Francisco Marathon!

6 days! And I’ve barely run at all in a week! This weekend I actually went out and had a weekend. Saw friends, ate, drank, and was merry. I needed that, for sure!

This morning I intended to do my 8 mile weekend run and I slept right through my alarm. I’m choosing to look at it as needing rest since that was the 3rd day in a row I slept 9-10 hours.

It also occurred to me that as I watched other friends go through the process of training for a marathon in the past that I didn’t really understand the time commitment it took. I’d see them, at the end of the journey, thanking their families, their spouses, their kids, their friends for making it possible for them to train. And I really didn’t get it.

I do now. I find myself letting my editors, employers, family, and friends know how much I appreciate them being flexible with me these past 5 or 6 months. I recognize how much of MY attention has been solely focused on marathon training and how much of my attention that was formerly on work and my relationships has not been there lately.

Well, good news folks! It’s almost over! You get me back late next week. First I run my first marathon. Then I am taking two days off. THEN I will re-enter normal life.

I kind of feel like – what am I going to do without the marathon to focus on?

6 Days until the San Francisco Marathon! OH. MY. GOD.