Post Marathon Plans and More…

1421043_10152274615815885_5527926304120781276_oNow that the marathon is behind me, it is time to shake things up a bit. After my 10 days off from running I am going to start working with a private speed coach to improve my speed and form. I’m very excited about this as it is an element of my training that has been missing and that I’ve been wanting for EONS.

I need to do drills and speed work and homework related to improving my running. I am tired of being so slow!

In other news, TSFM did the very cool thing of giving away the race photos for free. Unfortunately mine are about the worst photos I’ve ever seen!

I am not even kidding. For one thing, there isn’t a single shot of me and the Golden Gate Bridge. There isn’t a single shot of me in the first 1/2 of the race. Every photo is of me when I was struggling. But that isn’t even the worst of it. These photos threw me into a tailspin of self-esteem issues from hell. Every single one is taken from close up from a photographer sitting on the ground. I look 60 pounds HEAVIER in these photos than I do in real life.

I spent too long and worked too hard to get back in shape and now these photos are floating out there on the internet for anyone to see? Fuck no.This isn’t even what I look like!  See– here is a pic of me Friday night, a pic of me pre-race, and one of the race photos:

20140731-163814-59894874.jpgSee what I mean? It is mortifying!!!!  And it bothers me more than it should, I do know this! But it bothers me. I don’t look like that.  Here are 2 more pics of me from the TSFM weekend plus one from the weekend before:



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