good form and fatigue during the dog days of summer

correct-running-form-2Hello? Is this thing on? Has it really been more than 2 weeks since I last updated? Well, in my defense, I was tired/busy/enjoying some unexpected romance/having fun with friends/sleeping/drinking way too much wine/dealing with a dislocated shoulder/prepping for my Vancouver trip/all of the above. Pick one, any one, all are reasons for my absence from this blog.

As I mentioned, I’m shaking things up with my training. I had my first session with my new private running coach (who rocks, by the way) and we are working on form.

Do you know how humbling it is to see a video of yourself running?

Let me put it this way, I am no gazelle.


Apparently, I land with my whole foot and also my foot way too far out in front of me (but isn’t this how you MOVE FORWARD?).  This, I am told, is not the most efficient way to run which could account for me BONKING in the later miles of races as I do. I typically lose my will to live (ha ha) around mile 9-10 of a half marathon, and based on the San Francisco Marathon, roughly mile 19 of a marathon.

Now I find myself examining the stride and form of every runner I see– whether I am walking the dog, driving to work, etc.  How does their foot hit the ground? Why do they look effortless and I look like I’m battling uphill against 50mph winds with concrete blocks strapped to my feet? (This is precisely what I look like when I am running. No energy. No joy. Just a slog.)

Coach warned me that changing up my form would make EVERYTHING hurt. She was not wrong.

I did an 8-mile downhill training run yesterday with new running group and let’s talk about my calves, because holy OW. Also it was like 90 degrees surface of the damn sun hot during that run. I truly hate running in the summertime.  Last summer had a stress fracture most of the summer and didn’t run. This summer is brutal.

Still, I feel good about the strides I’m taking to be a better, more efficient, stronger, and faster runner. This sport has given me so much over the past couple of years – strength, kick ass muscles, an unshakeable belief that I can do anything I set my mind to, new friends, new goals, a new outlook on life. I intend to stick with running for as long as my body is capable.

Next up is the Lululemon SeaWheeze Half Marathon on Saturday with Sigrid! Am really curious to see if the distance feels “quaint” to me after the San Francisco Marathon. I’ll get in at least one more short run before I depart for Canada and hope to be refreshed and ready to run through Vancouver next Saturday!

How do you battle the atrocity of running in the summer heat?



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  • Wow, very cool to hear you have a running coach and that you’re changing your form!! That’s good you are learning more about running and more about your body!! Being sore is never fun but at least your running posture is changing for the good!!! XOXO!!!