Attending to the non-running side of life

Monday Polar BearHey everyone! Well ever since the Disneyland half marathon it has been sheer madness in life. I was dealing with my injured foot (which is A-OK now), USC football season started, Dave Matthews Band made their annual swing through So Cal (I saw 2 shows in 3 days as I usually do), and I had a dental emergency requiring (the first of three) oral surgery(ies) on Friday. OW. And HI GOOD DRUGS!

Needless to say I haven’t been running AT ALL and my first priority is getting my tooth issue dealt with so I am ready for the Nike SF half marathon in October.

In the midst of all of this 2015 SeaWheeze registration happened and am thrilled that my friends and I all got into next year’s race. It sold out in 16 minutes. 10,016 spots. Craziness!

The Long Beach half marathon, which would complete my 2nd consecutive Beach Cities Challenge, is up in the air due to my dental issue. I’m not running with stitches in my mouth, you know? Or running hopped up on vicodin. (Which I currently am. I’ve been sleeping a lot.) Also, this dental escapade is costing me a small fortune, so there is that to consider as well.  The best laid plans of mice and men, right?

All in all I cannot complain because I am rarely sick, never have teeth issues (this is the only cavity I’ve

my DMB crew

my DMB crew

ever had, in fact), and have insurance. Working it into my schedule with no paid time off, etc is stressful, but I’ll figure it out. As Dave Matthews sings: “Dark clouds may hang on me sometimes but I’ll work it out.”

Am itching to go for a run or take a Bar Method class or do something ACTIVE. But right now I’d settle for being able to laugh, eat, or even brush my teeth without pain. Baby steps, right?  The sooner I deal with my tooth, the sooner I can get everything back on track. Being still is weird for me and after 3 days of it, I’m going a little stir crazy.


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