My offering to the marathon gods…

IMG_7402…also known as how my knees came to look like roadkill.

It was a sunny and lovely Saturday and I was doing a 6 ish mile (we run by time, not mileage and this was a 1 hour, 10 minute run) run on what is roughly miles 20-23 (out and back) of the LA marathon course. Through the Veteran’s Administration campus in West LA into Brentwood and down San Vicente.

I was feeling GREAT and it has been a long time since I’ve felt great on a run. My workouts with my private kick ass USC alum coach are paying off. My workouts with team NutriBullet are paying off. The coach there gave me a mental coaching session this past week that made perfect sense to me. I like homework and clear, quantifiable goals and both coaches give me mental and physical homework that rocks.

So there I was, Sugar Cult on my iPod, running out of the VA, across the street and up onto the sidewalk on San Vicente. (la marathon stadium to sea course map for those not in la)

And then it happened.

One minute I was upright, pumping my arms, landing with my feet beneath me, feeling great and the next I was somersaulting and skidding across the sidewalk on my hands and knees.

And, by the way, making damn sure the shoulder I’ve spent the last 3 weeks and many hundreds of dollars rehabbing did not hit the ground.

That was about mile 2.5 so there was quite a bit of running left to do. Luckily the aforementioned awesome coach came around the corner as I was standing there bleeding and looking dazed and he walked it off with me and then took me into a run again and all felt fine – except the air hitting the scraped knees and road rash palms.

My left knee took the brunt of the fall. And I’m fine. Scraped up and bruised and my knees look like roadkill but after a very swollen Saturday and Sunday my knee is mostly normal except for the obvious:

It’s a good thing my knees feel better than they look because I won a free entry to the Turkey Trot LA on Thursday and have a 10k to bang out before cooking a feast for dear friends.

That was my first running fall EVER. I am a klutz in life so that fact alone is surprising, still, I am not eager to repeat that.

And, since we were running the LA marathon course, I decided the fall nd the offering of skin, blood, and DNA to the streets of Brentwood were simply my offering to the marathon gods. I have bled for you oh god of the 2015 Los Angeles Marathon. Please give me strength and stamina and speed and endurance on March 15, 2015.

More later this week. Am in the thick of the marathon training again. It is…fascinating. And exhausting. And I am so so so busy and… Well you all know.