Star Wars Half Marathon Runventure!

IMG_9010-0Hello!!!!  It has been awhile.  Marathon training has consumed my life. I go to bed at 9:30pm, I get up at 4:00am, I run from 4:15-5:15am, I take a shower, go to work, take a Bar Method class after work a few days a week, eat lunch/dinner (it seems these days I only have time for one or the other), go to bed and then start the whole crazy thing over again. Except on Mondays I train with my coach and on Saturdays or Sundays I train with Team NutriBullet.

The last few weeks I’ve made a little room for fun before I re-button down (today) and get ready for the 54 day sprint to the 2015 Los Angeles Marathon.

This past Thursday I packed a bag and a few bottles of wine, dropped my dog off at a friend’s house, and headed down to Anaheim to meet Sigrid for the inaugural Star Wars half marathon weekend.

We hit the Expo and then had tickets for the Wookie Welcome Party on Thursday and were vastly amused by the bar set up in Tomorrowland. We were drinking wine in Disneyland!


Wookie Welcome Party in Tomorrowland. I love my Chewie pic, however weirdly larger than I am it makes me look! LOL Chewie was a bit handsy.

On Friday we hit the expo again and then spent the day at California Adventure:


Bottom left photo is AFTER California Screaming roller coster. Our hair is considerably wilder

On Saturday, we spent the day at Disneyland. That night, thanks to one of my amazing Team NutriBullet teammates who is a member, we went to the uber exclusive, members only Club 33:

IMG_9054And then on Sunday, Sigrid wrapped up her 5K plus Rebel Challenge and I finally got my runDisney on with the inaugural Star Wars half marathon. I had a good run with a “time in motion” of 2:37. Of course I waited in line for 25 minutes for the Chewbacca picture, 27 minutes for Darth Vader, and another 4 for Boba Fett. As I watched corral B run by and turn into corral C, and then D, and then E, my anxiety was rising. But, I said to myself, runDisney for me is about FUN and this is the STAR WARS 1/2 marathon, how can I NOT stop for pics with Chewie and Darth and Boba Fett?!

I do not regret adding an HOUR to my net time as 1. I have these kick ass pics and memories and 2. I know how strong my run was when I was actually running. Also, I should get obstacle course points for all the bobbing and weaving and ducking I had to do as I made my way through the throngs of 5 abreast walkers in corral E (the last corral). And that’s not to say ALL were walkers, but let me put it this way, in the throng I was in, I looked like a Boston qualifier I was so much faster. Which, let’s face it, gave me some much needed perspective on my running.

Overall it was a fun event and anytime Sigrid and I go do a race weekend together we have fun. However, some comments on runDisney and the course are necessary. The expo was smaller than other runDisney events at Disneyland. There was no NUUN booth, for example. And I thought the actual race course SUCKED BALLS HARD. When you start running past laundromats and houses with cars with no wheels on the lawns, you know it is not the most scenic part of town. The course was also a modified out and back, and that always feels like lazy race planning to me. (Or limited space, but trust me the general Anaheim area isn’t lacking space. They could have run the same course as Tinkerbelll half, which used to be on this weekend).

After the race we had a celebratory brunch and then Sigrid packed up and headed back to Vancouver and I drove back to L.A. Another super fun, memorable, and amazing runventure is in the books. Oh, and by the way, this was my 30th half marathon since 9/1/12.


Oh yes, these photos added nearly an hour to my run but were so worth it!

And, of course, we swore this would be our last runDisney event for a long, long time but then we had so much fun, we are talking about doing the Avengers half marathon in November.