18 days 

I love these ladies!

I love these ladies

So, this happened yesterday. I’m in taper mode of course, the LA Marathon is 18 days away. My favorite local massage place offered a Groupon special for half off hour-long massages. I bought two. I was getting the second of two massages when a 78-year-old gentleman who lives on the priciest street in the Brentwood neighborhood of LA lost control of his 2015 Lexus SUV and plowed into my car as it was parked on the street at a meter. 4 cars were involved. He hit me, I hit the car in front of me, that car hit the car in front of it. The three of us were parked. Those two were in retail stores and saw it happen. I was, well, nekkid with my phone off getting a heavenly deep tissue massage.  Beverly Hills PD tracked me down via Facebook. The officer in charge was a runner too.

I’ve had my car for 15 months on a 60 month loan. Yeah so there’s that giant pain in the ass of still being upside down in my loan.

It would be very surprising if it wasn’t totaled. The jaunty angle of that back tire looks like a broken axle to me. The origami of the back end speaks to frame and suspension damage.

And fellow marathoners imagine yourself in my shoes – six jobs, totaled car, and a giant upside down loan and bullshit to deal with. 18 days.  I am so exhausted and overwhelmed. I really love Gino Jetta. He’s the 6th Jetta and 8th VW I’ve owned.

I’ll tell you one thing –  it is certainly distracting from the taper madness.