LA Marathon recap #1 

I have many thoughts and feelings about Sunday’s LA Marathon. There will be a few posts. 

This  was an amazing experience. I especially want to thank coach extraordinaire Jimmy Dean Freeman for taking me through miles 19-22. i could have fallen apart there but he wouldn’t let me. i kind of hated him in the moment for that but love that he had so much faith in me. 

marathon #2 in the books. my time did not improve but given the brutal heat in west la and way above average temps elsewhere on the course i can live with that. it was a vast improvement over SF in the most important ways. i enjoyed it. i didnt hit the wall. i moved forward with purpose even when i needed to walk. and i remained joyous. running is a gift and i am grateful for the lessons it teaches me and the way it challenges me. 

there will be another mararhon to be faster in. like san francisco in july!