Celebrate We Will…

…for life is short but sweet for certain.  – Dave Matthews Band

Well, since Los Angeles has decided to be the SURFACE OF THE SUN, I am boycotting running. Seriously, it was 106 today in my ‘hood. I ran 4 miles at 415am the other day and it was 86 THEN. WHAT THE EVER LIVING F*CK, right?

Plus, I’m on tour. Literally. My annual follow the Dave Matthews Band around for a week or so tour of awesome. This year I made my first trip up to Washington for the 3 nights of shows at the Gorge known as Labor Dave weekend. It was a total blast and I cannot wait to do it again next year. The Gorge is one of the most beautiful places I’ve ever seen. It is no wonder why people call it Heaven’s Amphitheater.

   I camped! ME! And it was fun! But, to be fair, it also wasn’t much like camping. It was more like a 3 1/2 day long tailgate with thousands of other people that are as obsessed with this band as I am. Plus I had the best camp mates ever in Claudia, April, Russ, and Maia. We all had such a good time, no drama, and so much silliness our abs were sore from laughing and cheeks were sore from smiling. Plus I got to see my girl Amber again and meet her awesome friend Mary. It really was the greatest weekend ever in all ways. Even the snafus were all funny–mostly because they turned out OK. Re-entry into normal life has been rough. Labor Dave at the Gorge is basically Burning Man for Dave Matthews Band fans. I cannot wait for next year’s Labor Dave!

Claudia and I are just over Rashawn’s right shoulder in the 4th row. 

Tomorrow morning I’m off to the SF Bay area for another DMB show and Saturday I’m off to Orange County for the final show of my personal tour. Five shows in eight days. Then the Davepression sets in. It is a good thing I have Ben Harper and Foo Fighters tickets for the following weekend! Live music is my thing, clearly. October has me at Garbage, Florence and the Machine, and the Foo Fighters again. Music is everything.

Training-wise I will kick things back up on Sunday when the DMB fun is over. I’m doing the Fall Into A Rhythm Bar Method fall challenge of 35 classes in 75 days. I joined the soon to open Orange Theory gym in my neighborhood and will do that once a week. I’m also hosting a community run on Wednesday nights starting next week open to all who want to participate. We will be doing hill training. TNB alums and Coyotes participating as well as people new to running. Then on the 19th, LA Marathon training starts with the Team NutriBullet Alumni. I am so grateful to have been a part of this team last year and so grateful to have the alums to train with this year. I’m so excited to really challenge myself and stick to the program. 🙂

Also, I’m excited to have been chosen to be a coach for Girls on the Run. I am so very stoked about this and cannot wait to be assigned to a school and start coaching 8-13 year old girls to run a 5K.

And that is what is going on here. The running updates will start again once marathon training kicks off. Until then, try and stay cool Angelenos (and others)!


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