On tour with Dave Matthews

It has been an enormous amount of fun but in retrospect 5 Dave Matthews band concerts in 9 days in 3 cities in 2 states spanning nearly 3,420 (RT) miles of travel with a full week of work inbetween MIGHT have been a bit much. I’m sick and exhausted but so so so happy.

Guaranteed I will forget this fact in February when the ticket lottery opens and I want to go to ALL THE SHOWS. ALL OF THEM.

Over the weekend I flew up to Nor Cal for DMB at Shoreline which was amazing.  Met Claudia up there and then met up with Sunny, Jaime, Chantal, Cat, and Mary Ann. I absolutely adore the Shoreline venue. It is one of my favorite places to see a show.

 I am so grateful for the friends and community I’ve met through my love of this band


Bright and early Friday morning (5a) Claudia, me, and our colds got up to head back to SoCal.

I checked into the Oakland airport on Facebook and lo and behold who was there and at the gate next to mine but one of my college BFFs Lynn and her husband. Got to catch up with them for a bit before their flight left.

I landed back in LA at 915a and headed home to sleep some more.

Saturday was the Irvine show and the annual epic Irvine DMB family tailgate.

These people. These friends. These sisters and brothers of mine. I love them dearly.

I was so exhausted at this show that I was on the verge of a meltdown.

This was the Last Stop for all of us and the DMB tour.

I got home at 1:30am and had to eat. This cold has robbed me of taste and I was starving. So Jack in the box it was. I almost never eat fast food so when I do, it is a treat.

Went to bed at 2am and completely turned my phone off. Woke up at 2:09pm. My beloved dog Kokomo let me sleep all that time without a peep! She is the best dog ever.  

It has been an epic past 10 days filled with love, laughter, friends, and good music.

And now it is back to reality.

Saturday marathon training begins again.

And next Sunday my brother Stephen gets into town for the Foo Fighters at the Forum.

Life is good.