Live music is my drug…

Best weekend ever? Certainly a candidate. 3 concerts over 3 days with 2 bands I love. Florence and the Machine is a religious experience. The Foo Fighters are my true love. How can I go wrong? Ha. From beginning to end it was filled with amazing live music, friends, smiles, head banging, and epic, unforgettable concerts. Live music is my drug and I am a junkie for it.
Friday was Florence and the Machine at the Hollywood Bowl. Let me tell you, Florence is a revelation. She is amazing. 

Saturday was the Foo Fighters at the Honda Center in Anaheim. I only see Foo GA so I can be as close as possible. It is only right. My love for Dave Grohl is huge. Met up with a high school classmate and friend and his wife right after as soon as the show was over. BGHS class of 87 in the house. 

And today. OMFG TODAY. How do I do today justice? It. Was. Epic. Social Distortion and Foo Fighters played the Love Ride benefit for the Wounded Warrior Project in Castaic today. You guys. I can’t even with how amazing this show was. 

Foo played a Foo song then a classic rock song. And it went that way thru the whole set.  This is the Facebook status I posted right after the show:

Jesus fucking Christ. I cannot believe that just happened. foo Fighters song. Classic rock Song. We heard queen. Tom petty. Ac/DC. Van Halen. Bowie. Pink Floyd. Rod Stewart. THE STONES. And that is just the ones I can remember! I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again. The foo fighters put on the best show of any band touring today. I am so so so very damn lucky. Set list forthcoming.

The Foos played Let There Be Rock by AC/DC. Under Pressure by Bowie and Freddie Mercury. Tie Your Mother Down by Queen. Miss You by the Rolling Stones. Plus many others! 

Are you fucking kidding me? As I texted to my fellow concert junkie friend (who was there today) Jaime: “That show was a rock fan’s wet dream.”  And it was. I cannot even believe that I was so damn lucky to be there for THAT. 

So pics from today: 

An update on my running or lack thereof this week. I don’t think I’m running the LA marathon. Urgent care after work tomorrow for a weird foot injury that has been nagging me for weeks. But I’ll let you all in on that later this week.