Hello there! Welcome to my little running and wine obsessed blog!

I’m Amy. I’m a Los Angeles based freelance writer in my mid-40s. I started running in early 2012 after challenging myself and my best friend to run the Disneyland 1/2 marathon that Labor Day weekend. I hobbled off that course in pain but I was hooked.

As of today(ish) I’ve run 34 half marathons, 13 of them in 2013, and eight (so far) in 2014. My first full marathon was on July 27, 2014 – the San Francisco Marathon, my second was on March 15, 2015 – the Los Angeles Marathon.  Have I mentioned I hate hills? God how I hate hills!

I cross train by doing Bar Method, which is an AMAZING workout for anyone, but I happen to find it works exceptionally well with running.

I also drink wine. A lot of it. Always Red. Preferably Pinot Noir, Malbec, Shiraz, Petite Syrah, and Cab. Is it after 5pm? Chances are I’ve poured this evening’s glass and have settled in to read what I wrote today.

I’ll talk about running, Bar Method, my training process, wines, races,my friends, and the general process of life in the big city here. I eat mostly Paleo and love love love to cook, so chances are there will be some talk of that and recipes here too.

Also? I get a lot out of running. Peace of mind. On the road I figure things out that I don’t in day-to-day regular life. There’s something about just pounding out the miles that sends my brain on different paths and routes and that helps me solve things that may be bothering me.

And hey, I can’t ignore how it’s helped me get back into shape after a bout of long term unemployment related depression and a bad back injury. As someone who’d always been in shape, being faced with a bunch of weight to lose was a big challenge and one that running (and eating Paleo) helped me conquer in a time span of nine months.

On the left is me in the fall of 2011, a couple of months before I started running. On the right is me now.

543849_10151568442375885_1995044162_nThat’s a size 14-16 on the left and a 4-6 on the right.  Running, Bar Method, and eating a clean diet free of processed foods does a body good. I also swear by my daily Blast –the smoothie I make in my NutriBullet.

Fitness is a lifestyle and a choice to live healthier and one I intend to passionately pursue for the rest of my life.


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