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Hey there…I’m back, literally


Scenes from Christmas vacation

So howdy there. It has been awhile. Of course there is a good excuse–or rather, a bad one– an Achilles injury that has had me sidelined since October.

Insertional Achilles Tendonosis (not tendonitis).

Let me tell you, try not to have this happen to you. I’ve been confined to the elliptical for months. I long for a good long run. Fortunately, I’m in week 12 of 12 of the recommended “take it easy” period.

Obviously, I’m out of the LA Marathon this year, which is a bummer. It is a month earlier to accommodate the U.S. Olympic trials and there is no way I can get ready to run 26.2 miles in 6 weeks. Not after not running for three months, at least. So instead I will be volunteering at the Olympic trials.

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Slow and steady


I maintain that in the event of a zombie apocalypse, long distance runners will have a distinct advantage.

Well after five weeks of healing my foot, dealing with my tooth infection, getting used to (still a work in progress) my new (and considerably more awesome) work schedule, and NO RUNNING – I went out yesterday and asked my body to run 13.1 miles in Long Beach without any training.

Yeah. I did that.

It was my slowest half marathon since my first one. (And Disneyland this year, which I’m not counting as I walked that whole race due to injury and stopped for EVERY character picture.) I started out slow. Usually, my first 5-6 miles are at a 10:30-11:00 minute per mile pace and end up in the 11:00-12:00 at the end of race, hence my usual 2:29-2:42 finish times. (Negative splits are not something I’ve been able to manage yet. I still have a lot to learn.) Right off the bat, my first mile was 11:40. I just felt off and clearly under trained. Slow and sluggish, but strong. I knew I’d finish. I just figured at that speed it was just going to get slower.

But you know what? It was a great day, a fun race, and I’m happy I did it, pokey as I was. Read more

and I ran, I ran so far away…

20140608-142720-52040491.jpgWell it is now clear to me that FREAKING OUT is part of my process. Guys, I was convinced there was no ever-livin’ way I could run 20 miles yesterday. I was sure I was a fake, a fraud, a pretender to the marathon throne.

I worked myself into a complete frenzy over this 20 mile run. And do you know what happened?

It was EASY.

Well, as easy as 20 miles could be. I felt good, strong, happy. I had energy left in the tanks to open it up and kick it up in the last quarter mile. Read more

Cheers to 20 miles

20140606-185527-68127491.jpgI should eat. After all I don’t know if you’ve heard but I have this crazy long run tomorrow.

However I am unmotivated to mess up my clean kitchen by cooking. I can’t be the first person to run 20 miles after popcorn for dinner, right?

Yes yes another night before a long run and I am eating like an asshole. I should throw some chocolate and banana bread in and really complete the trifecta of no nutritional value.

Work has been insane this week. Wonderful, productive, epic, but insane.

That is probably good as not a ton of time to think. And I have had a lot of super charged electrolyte water with extra electrolytes in it. I am hydrated.

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my left foot…

myleftfootSo let’s talk about feet. Because my left one hurts. The toes mostly. Not the toenails, the actual toes themselves. They ache. Occasionally a pain shoots through them. The ball of my left foot feels bruised at times, though it shows no visible signs of bruising.

Y’all I think my beloved Nike Lunar Glides, which have previously been a DREAM shoe for me are NOT good for long distances.

The shoe I ran in yesterday, my Tiffany blue Lunar Glide only has 17 miles on them and my toes ached. OK possibly they still ache from a past longer run and I’m just not resting them enough.

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