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An epic life 

It has been an EPIC 5 weeks. From my annual trip to Vancouver for SeaWheeze, to my first Labor Dave weekend at the Gorge, to DMB in NorCal and SoCal, to Ben Harper & The Innocent Criminals, to the USC/Stanford game, to a great weekend with my brother in LA culminating in a truly epic Foo Fighters concert–possibly the best I’ve ever seen outside of the 2010 Troubadour show. I’m all filled up with happiness. Now it is time to get back to real life.  

(Ben Harper & The Innocent Criminals Friday at the Greek Theatre with Claudia)

There are many reasons you go to college. Important reasons. Career building reasons. But honestly, 24 years removed from college it is the friendships I made then and since due to our USC connection that ring truest and strongest to me. And I am so grateful for the fateful choice my 17-year-old self made the day I chose to attend USC. My USC friends are my family.

Then, last night, I got to go see my OTHER favorite band, Foo Fighters, at the Forum with my two favorite men – my brother Stephen and one of my dearest friends Randy. It was Stephen’s first Foo show and a truly epic night. My feet hurt. My ears are still ringing. My neck is sore from all the head banging. I’m exhausted. And it was so worth it.

Marathon training starts for me this weekend. Garbage at the Greek, Florence and the Machine at the Bowl (unless I sell those and go to Foo in Anaheim, which seems likely) and Foo Fighters and Social Distortion at the Love Ride 32 benefitting the Wounded Warrior Project are on the agenda for October.

My family is coming to LA for Thanksgiving. I am super excited for that.

There is so much to be grateful for and look forward to.


One track mind

10245477_10152110032025885_3060109692542091835_nThe San Francisco Marathon is 76 days away.  I have an absolutely ONE TRACK MIND about this and suspect I will until 2-3 days AFTER the marathon occurs. I must apologize to my family and friends, especially my non-running friends for this.

This is a HUGE, BUCKET LIST goal of mine – to run a marathon. It is my first marathon. I am fairly fucking impressed with myself that I can run 16 miles (so far). I’m gaining confidence in my ability to finish SFM in a fairly decent (by my estimation) time.

Especially for a first marathon.

Especially for a first marathon that is the San Francisco Marathon – one of the hardest marathon courses in the U.S. and the 15th hardest marathon in the world. Read more

Live like a beauty, run like a beast…

1796785_10151958260345885_1012315943_oThe Disney Princess half marathon—what can I say about it? I had a great week, a super fun time with my friends and cousins and aunt, and loved being a part of the Princess weekend. That said–

It’s runDisney not walkDisney

The course for the Princess half marathon is largely uninspiring. It’s a lot of highway running. It’s over crowded and it is overrun with walkers.

Being someone who only recently graduated from run/walk intervals to running the whole 13.1 miles non-stop, I’m pretty fired up when my ability to run is impeded by people out for a casual stroll, walking 4-6 abreast, causing me to have to run off the course (in this case into the grass median) in order to keep running.

Read more

22.4 down, glass slipper and coast to coast challenges complete

20140224-184555.jpg3 days. 3 races. 22.4 miles. Done!

Conquered the Princess half marathon with my cousin Leslie and had a fabulous time running with her! We dodged walkers left, right, and center. We ran on the grass. We created openings where 5 walkers were walking abreast.

And when all was said and done I had brunch with my family, napped for 45 minutes and hit Disney World with the girls until 1am. More on that and everything else when I get home. Read more

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