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5 days!

5 days5 days until the San Francisco Marathon!

That sound you hear is my heart beating rapidly and loudly. I am so excited and so nervous. I think I’m at a place finally where I KNOW I can do it, I just want to know HOW it is going to turn out! Will I meet my self-imposed time goal? Will the three big hills keel me dead? Will the rolling hills drive me nuts? Will I have a great time taking pics of the city and selfies at great locations? Well, duh, the answer to that last one is a resounding YES!

All of these will be answered by roughly noon on Sunday.  Oh, and this came today.



11 days…balance, taper, hill nightmares

keep-calm-and-countdown-11-days-to-go11 days until the San Francisco Marathon.

I woke up today with legs that were finally recovered from the crazy hills of Dundee, Oregon. A total elevation gain of 1848 on that course over largely the first 6 miles did me in. I have a slightly pulled muscle at the very top of my inner thigh and I am EXHAUSTED. Like crazy out of my mind tired…

…or is that TAPER MADNESS? It could be! I’ve been trying to recover and rest and get caught up on work this week and have not even gotten a run in. OK so I’ve only been home for 2 days, but still!

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12 days!!!

12Oh holy crap 12 days until the San Francisco Marathon!

I am not super sore, but significantly sore from my hilly Fueled by Fine Wine half marathon. I am more sore than after my 18, 20, and 23 mile runs and any other half since my first one. CRAZY Hills. Wine. Dehydration. I know why.

Still I’m not doing the marathon shuffle. I can walk easily. I just feel it, which is GOOD since I have been wondering what would make me sore when 23 miles did not.

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13 Days. GULP. (and Fueled by Fine Wine Half Marathon recap)

photo 113 days until the San Francisco Marathon.

The Fueled by Fine Wine half marathon was a BEAST.  It was billed as a very hilly race and “you’ll have the BEST time but not run your BEST time.”  And they were not kidding. I was FREAKING OUT by mile 3. FREAKING OUT.  I was running and Facebooking my extreme angst. I asked someone to compare the elevation profiles of the race with the San Francisco marathon and let me know the outcome.

It turns out the Fueled by Fine Wine race is HILLIER than San Fran-motherfucking-frisco. 1,000 feet in elevation gains over 13.1 miles (almost all of it in the first 5-6 miles). TSFM is 900 feet over 26.2 and once you attain the elevation you pretty much stay up there until the end. You dip a bit but you don’t ascend it and descend it again and again and again like we did on Sunday in Oregon.  That did make me feel a bit better. Before that I was having the “I have NO BUSINESS” running the San Francisco Marathon thoughts. I figured I was either a mad genius for running this race or an idiot and I would not know the answer to that until the end of the race.

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15 days and a hilly half in Oregon

20140712-162036-58836322.jpgOmfg. 15 days until the San Francisco Marathon.

It has finally Happened. I am so stinking excited for it I can’t wait.

Of course I may feel differently tomorrow. Haha

Sigrid and I are in Oregon to run the Fueled by Fine Wine half marathon this weekend. It is approximately eleven millionty degrees outside jar the course features hills and hills and still more hills winding through Oregon wine country with an elevation gain of 1000 feet.

In other words, it is a good warm up for San Francisco in two weeks.

They (race organizers) keep saying “whatever your normal half is, add 20 min for this course”. Well you know me. I’m taking that as a challenge.

The race shirt is also super cute!



1717 days until the San Francisco Marathon!!

Oh. My. God.

In other news, the alarm went off at 5am and I rolled over and slept in. Until 6:30am. It was delicious. I’ve been fighting allergies and asthma and ick all week so the extra sleep was needed and so so so glorious.

Off to Oregon tomorrow for my “reward” run. The reward for getting through marathon training without giving up, getting injured, or going (too) crazy.

Next week I will continue the hill work and also work more rest into my days.

18!!!!!! Crushing Hills Like a Beast

1818 days until the San Francisco Marathon!

Oh man, first, can we discuss the ALARMING (and often pornographic or fetus) images that come up when you Google “18”? I could have lived without that.

Despite bad sleep last night (more on that later) I was up and at “our hill” by 545am to meet Audrey for a little hill work.

It was rough today. Lack of sleep, raging asthma issues… I just hope I am not like that on July 27.

So, I believe I’ve mentioned that I am a champion sleeper. Clear conscious. Wear myself out mentally and physically every day. Something like that.

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