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Happy National Running Day!

20140603-224853-82133422.jpgWhy do you run?

I run to turn my impossibles into possibles.

I run for the peace of mind.

I run for the solitude.

I run for the camaraderie.

I run for the community of runners in Los Angeles, the blogosphere, and worldwide. We speak a common language. We have a common obsession. We understand our lifestyles.

I run to feel strong.

I run to feel invincible.

I run for my health.

I run for my bones.

I run to defy age.

I run to defy stereotypes.

I run to defy misconceptions about me.

I run for me.

I run because I love how it makes me feel.

I run to be the best version of myself.

53 days until the San Francisco Marathon.




A runner’s confession

20140508-215209.jpgFirst I should mention that under normal conditions – ie: 65 degrees outside- I don’t really sweat. Now for the confession:

I ran 4 miles at 645am this morning. Time: 43:21.

It is 930pm and I am still in those clothes.

Ok I did change out of running bra. But my day took off from the moment I got back in the house at 730am and continued until about an hour ago.

I clearly need to shower. Before bed.

And that is my literal dirty little confession.