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Hey there…I’m back, literally


Scenes from Christmas vacation

So howdy there. It has been awhile. Of course there is a good excuse–or rather, a bad one– an Achilles injury that has had me sidelined since October.

Insertional Achilles Tendonosis (not tendonitis).

Let me tell you, try not to have this happen to you. I’ve been confined to the elliptical for months. I long for a good long run. Fortunately, I’m in week 12 of 12 of the recommended “take it easy” period.

Obviously, I’m out of the LA Marathon this year, which is a bummer. It is a month earlier to accommodate the U.S. Olympic trials and there is no way I can get ready to run 26.2 miles in 6 weeks. Not after not running for three months, at least. So instead I will be volunteering at the Olympic trials.

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Live music is my drug…

Best weekend ever? Certainly a candidate. 3 concerts over 3 days with 2 bands I love. Florence and the Machine is a religious experience. The Foo Fighters are my true love. How can I go wrong? Ha. From beginning to end it was filled with amazing live music, friends, smiles, head banging, and epic, unforgettable concerts. Live music is my drug and I am a junkie for it.
Friday was Florence and the Machine at the Hollywood Bowl. Let me tell you, Florence is a revelation. She is amazing. 

Saturday was the Foo Fighters at the Honda Center in Anaheim. I only see Foo GA so I can be as close as possible. It is only right. My love for Dave Grohl is huge. Met up with a high school classmate and friend and his wife right after as soon as the show was over. BGHS class of 87 in the house. 

And today. OMFG TODAY. How do I do today justice? It. Was. Epic. Social Distortion and Foo Fighters played the Love Ride benefit for the Wounded Warrior Project in Castaic today. You guys. I can’t even with how amazing this show was. 

Foo played a Foo song then a classic rock song. And it went that way thru the whole set.  This is the Facebook status I posted right after the show:

Jesus fucking Christ. I cannot believe that just happened. foo Fighters song. Classic rock Song. We heard queen. Tom petty. Ac/DC. Van Halen. Bowie. Pink Floyd. Rod Stewart. THE STONES. And that is just the ones I can remember! I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again. The foo fighters put on the best show of any band touring today. I am so so so very damn lucky. Set list forthcoming.

The Foos played Let There Be Rock by AC/DC. Under Pressure by Bowie and Freddie Mercury. Tie Your Mother Down by Queen. Miss You by the Rolling Stones. Plus many others! 

Are you fucking kidding me? As I texted to my fellow concert junkie friend (who was there today) Jaime: “That show was a rock fan’s wet dream.”  And it was. I cannot even believe that I was so damn lucky to be there for THAT. 

So pics from today: 

An update on my running or lack thereof this week. I don’t think I’m running the LA marathon. Urgent care after work tomorrow for a weird foot injury that has been nagging me for weeks. But I’ll let you all in on that later this week. 

20 weeks and 1 day to go

First run of my LA Marathon training season is in the books. Just under 4 miles (still fighting an upper respiratory thing).

Many hundreds of miles to go with these friends and more over the next 20 weeks on our way to February 14, 2016.  

An epic life 

It has been an EPIC 5 weeks. From my annual trip to Vancouver for SeaWheeze, to my first Labor Dave weekend at the Gorge, to DMB in NorCal and SoCal, to Ben Harper & The Innocent Criminals, to the USC/Stanford game, to a great weekend with my brother in LA culminating in a truly epic Foo Fighters concert–possibly the best I’ve ever seen outside of the 2010 Troubadour show. I’m all filled up with happiness. Now it is time to get back to real life.  

(Ben Harper & The Innocent Criminals Friday at the Greek Theatre with Claudia)

There are many reasons you go to college. Important reasons. Career building reasons. But honestly, 24 years removed from college it is the friendships I made then and since due to our USC connection that ring truest and strongest to me. And I am so grateful for the fateful choice my 17-year-old self made the day I chose to attend USC. My USC friends are my family.

Then, last night, I got to go see my OTHER favorite band, Foo Fighters, at the Forum with my two favorite men – my brother Stephen and one of my dearest friends Randy. It was Stephen’s first Foo show and a truly epic night. My feet hurt. My ears are still ringing. My neck is sore from all the head banging. I’m exhausted. And it was so worth it.

Marathon training starts for me this weekend. Garbage at the Greek, Florence and the Machine at the Bowl (unless I sell those and go to Foo in Anaheim, which seems likely) and Foo Fighters and Social Distortion at the Love Ride 32 benefitting the Wounded Warrior Project are on the agenda for October.

My family is coming to LA for Thanksgiving. I am super excited for that.

There is so much to be grateful for and look forward to.

Celebrate We Will…

…for life is short but sweet for certain.  – Dave Matthews Band

Well, since Los Angeles has decided to be the SURFACE OF THE SUN, I am boycotting running. Seriously, it was 106 today in my ‘hood. I ran 4 miles at 415am the other day and it was 86 THEN. WHAT THE EVER LIVING F*CK, right?

Plus, I’m on tour. Literally. My annual follow the Dave Matthews Band around for a week or so tour of awesome. This year I made my first trip up to Washington for the 3 nights of shows at the Gorge known as Labor Dave weekend. It was a total blast and I cannot wait to do it again next year. The Gorge is one of the most beautiful places I’ve ever seen. It is no wonder why people call it Heaven’s Amphitheater.

   I camped! ME! And it was fun! But, to be fair, it also wasn’t much like camping. It was more like a 3 1/2 day long tailgate with thousands of other people that are as obsessed with this band as I am. Plus I had the best camp mates ever in Claudia, April, Russ, and Maia. We all had such a good time, no drama, and so much silliness our abs were sore from laughing and cheeks were sore from smiling. Plus I got to see my girl Amber again and meet her awesome friend Mary. It really was the greatest weekend ever in all ways. Even the snafus were all funny–mostly because they turned out OK. Re-entry into normal life has been rough. Labor Dave at the Gorge is basically Burning Man for Dave Matthews Band fans. I cannot wait for next year’s Labor Dave!

Claudia and I are just over Rashawn’s right shoulder in the 4th row. 

Tomorrow morning I’m off to the SF Bay area for another DMB show and Saturday I’m off to Orange County for the final show of my personal tour. Five shows in eight days. Then the Davepression sets in. It is a good thing I have Ben Harper and Foo Fighters tickets for the following weekend! Live music is my thing, clearly. October has me at Garbage, Florence and the Machine, and the Foo Fighters again. Music is everything.

Training-wise I will kick things back up on Sunday when the DMB fun is over. I’m doing the Fall Into A Rhythm Bar Method fall challenge of 35 classes in 75 days. I joined the soon to open Orange Theory gym in my neighborhood and will do that once a week. I’m also hosting a community run on Wednesday nights starting next week open to all who want to participate. We will be doing hill training. TNB alums and Coyotes participating as well as people new to running. Then on the 19th, LA Marathon training starts with the Team NutriBullet Alumni. I am so grateful to have been a part of this team last year and so grateful to have the alums to train with this year. I’m so excited to really challenge myself and stick to the program. 🙂

Also, I’m excited to have been chosen to be a coach for Girls on the Run. I am so very stoked about this and cannot wait to be assigned to a school and start coaching 8-13 year old girls to run a 5K.

And that is what is going on here. The running updates will start again once marathon training kicks off. Until then, try and stay cool Angelenos (and others)!

3rd Anniversary 

3 years ago today I ran my first half marathon and the first of now 16 together with Sigrid. Since then I’ve run 34 half marathons and 2 full marathons. These days I power walk a half marathon 18 minutes faster than I ran my first. And a slow running time for me is 30 minutes faster. And my PR is 46 minutes faster. #perspective

Running VanSweaty at SeaWheeze Recap


“Today was amazing. Today was fun. Tomorrow brings another run.” – The quote on the water bottle that came with bag pickup.

Last weekend I traveled to Vancouver, British Columbia for my second consecutive Lululemon SeaWheeze 1/2 Marathon weekend. This continues to be my all time favorite race weekend–in large part because I get to share it with my best friend, but also because, let’s face it, Lululemon knows what the hell they are doing and puts on an amazing event.        

I arrived on Thursday and Sigrid and I checked into the Pacific Rim hotel next door to the Convention Center for easy access to the Showcase Store on Friday. We had dinner at the Cactus Club and hit the sack by 10pm. Our alarms were set for 2:30am so we could get in line for the Showcase Store no later than 3am. After hitting snooze a few times we made it into line before 3am.

There were nearly 200 people in line ahead of us. The front of the line got there after dinner. Duly noted. Next year’s game plan will be wildly different. We had camping chairs and our own mirror–which would prove to be one of the best ideas either of us has ever had. IMG_2988-0We settled in for the long wait. This year the store opened at 7am with a couple of hours of runner only access before the general public was admitted.

Sigrid and I were in the first group of people to be admitted to the store. Sigrid quickly stashed our mirror under a table and we deployed the bags we’d brought to shove the Lululemon gear we were interested into. We made a sweep of our sizes, grabbed our mirror, and made our way to the communal dressing room. It was 7:25.

At 7:40 I ventured back out to the store to grab the CRBs (Cool Racer Back) I was interested in a size bigger to compare. Oddly I ended up buying three CRBs – 1 in an 8 and 2 in a 6. I would have loved to try on the green CRB in an 8 but by 7:40am THERE WERE NONE LEFT! Craziness!!

We wandered the store a bit more just to make sure we’d gotten everything we wanted. Two thoughts: 1. I heard the store was completely sold out by 3:30pm. 2. The exchange rate was amazing. Basically EVERYTHING I did in Vancouver was 30% off.

Pre-SeaWheeze my Showcase Store plan was to grab ALL of the Trackers (shorts), a couple of CRBs, and a pair of Run Inspired Crops (Capris). Once in the store though, my plan immediately changed. For one thing, I hated the anemic colors of the prints on the Trackers. I grabbed the “Bug” trackers and then noticed some more vibrant and cool patterns on the Speeds (another style of shorts). Why Lululemon made twice as many prints on the Speeds than they did on the Trackers I will never know. I did try on the speeds and tore them off, horrified. HA! My grandmother used to have a saying “Mutton dressed like lamb.” Yeah, my 46 year old butt is not wearing booty shorts, basically.

Here is a link to fellow SeaWheezwer and author of’s post about the women’s merchandise this year. Note how she confirms that 4 tracker prints offered vs 8 speeds. SeaWheeze 2015 the Merchandise.

My haul. I'm very happy with it

My haul. I’m very happy with it

I ended up getting two pairs of Crops (Run Inspired and Passion II), a pair of Trackers, and three CRBs. Honestly, I liked last year’s collection much better but I’m happier with what I bought this year because I bought outfits.

We went back to our hotel to nap. Only at Lululemon’s SeaWheeze is staying up (and on your feet) all night the night before the night before a half marathon a normal occurrence.

Sigrid and I went to have lunch with a bunch of women we’d met (Hi Amanda, Jenny, Tania, Charity, and Michelle!) and then headed to West Van to her home. I made dinner, we took a walk along the beach, then went home, laid out our race clothes, and went to bed.


We woke up Saturday morning to 57 degrees and POURING RAIN. Oh well. It’s just water, right? However, this Californian was planning to move way the f out of my comfort zone and not only run in a tank top, but run in the cold in a tank top. Previously, faced with this weather, I’d be bundled up in long IMG_3031tights and long sleeves. Luckily, by the time we got down into the city, it wasn’t raining. It was, however, windy and cold. I was determined not to complain.  As the corrals filled in, I warmed up. Once I was running, I was fine. In fact, I could have been wearing shorts.

The race was– well atypical for me. I had only two goals: To finish and to finish in under 3 hours. I was running just newly recovered from a concussion that had me sidelined for 5 weeks. I was only cleared to run on Wednesday, three days before the half marathon. Oops!

Also, earlier in the summer my Dad had a seven hour long, very complicated heart surgery. He was in the hospital for a month. He is still recovering. There wasn’t a lot of running happening this whole summer for me. Life and injury got in the way.  Nonetheless, SeaWheeze 2015 was my 34th half marathon since September 1, 2012. It is a distance I am very comfortable with.

Apparently, Left Shark moved to Vancouver.

Apparently, Left Shark moved to Vancouver.

I knew I could power walk it.

I ended up doing roughly an 80/20 split of power walking to running. I had one stretch of roughly 10 minute miles that went on for a few miles and felt AMAZING…and then my shoelace came untied and the momentum was broken. Also, my running coach has a saying, in the first half of the race, don’t be an idiot. In the second, don’t be a wimp. I kept hearing that in my head over and over and over again. I ended up finishing SeaWheeze in 2:55. Not a great time for me by a long shot, but I’m very happy

In front of the mothership - Lululemon's Corporate Headquarters

In front of the mothership – Lululemon’s Corporate Headquarters

with it considering how undertrained I was for it. I basically got up after a summer of sitting and got 13.1 miles done in less than three hours with sheer determination and a healthy dose of stubbornness.

The medal this year was a golden carrot with a bite taken out of it, continuing the whimsy Lululemon is known for with the SeaWheeze medals.

I got my Saje runner’s reward kit and rubbed down with the Saje pain reliever as I made my way through the finisher’s chute.

This year, like last year we also got a finisher’s hat. (Full race swag picture at end of post.)

Sigrid and I reunited (she is much faster than I am even when I’m trained well) and headed away from downtown to grab brunch at the White Spot in the Park Royal shopping complex. This has become somewhat of a tradition for us. Also, pro-tip: this White Spot has the world’s fastest wi fi. I am not even kidding.

We went home and showered, napped, chilled out a bit, and ate some dinner before heading back to Stanley Park (recently named the World’s Best Park) for the Sunset Festival.

Here is where I admit Sigrid and I are frugal betches who save our cash for the important stuff. We left her house with a bottle of wine and some plastic cups with a plan to “pre-game” a bit in her car before heading in to the festival. While we were drinking wine in her car, she suddenly looks to her left out the window and exclaims:

“Hey! You’re from Lost!”

And sure enough, it was William Mapother, who played Creepy Ethan on Lost. He was hilarious because he leaned down into our window and said:

“Yes, and I’m coming out of the forest. How’s that for creepy?”

And then he walked away. We laughed and laughed and laughed.


The Sunset Festival was super fun as always. The weather had cleared and it was warm and sunny and beautiful out. We got more wine, settled in to do semi-drunk yoga, and enjoyed ourselves. Later we met up with Michelle and her sister and enjoyed the bands that played.


As always, I cannot wait for SeaWheeze next year. Jennifer was supposed to join us, but got sick. Next year, Jason and Tim are thinking about making the trip. We are already planning the Showcase Store Strategy for next year. 2016 will be year 5 (of 5) for Sigrid and year 3 for me.

Check out my SeaWheeze 2014 Recap Here

the swag. Shorts, bag, zippered bag, medal, water bottle, finisher's hat, and Saje essential oils kit.

the swag. Shorts, bag, zippered bag, medal, water bottle, finisher’s hat, and Saje essential oils kit.

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